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  • Fatima Lara v. Los Angeles Unified School District: successfully settled a civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of a student with Down Syndrome who was excluded from classroom parties and cooking instruction when the school district refused to provide her with portions of food given to her peers. Read more about Fatima here:


  • J.V. et al. v. Pomona Unified School District: lead counsel in a class action lawsuit addressing the responsibility of school districts to have in place policies and practices to ensure the safety of students with disabilities. The parties reached agreement of $900,000 in class damages relief as well as extensive injunctive relief.


  • Student v. Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District: administrative hearing that addressed a blind student’s right to an education. The hearing officer found that the Student prevailed by demonstrating that the school district failed to provide adequate Braille instruction by a qualified Braille instructional aide and failed to provide adequate orientation and mobility services.


  • Trixy Betsworth et al v. San Bernardino County et al.: a multi-plaintiff lawsuit addressing the systemic failure of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center to provide effective sign language communication. The case settled with systemic changes to the Hospital’s and County’s policies, practices, and procedures.


  • G.R. v. San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools: a successful “various” compliance complaint filed with the California Department of Education regarding the failure of multiple school districts and the County to provide appropriate Braille instruction for students with vision loss. The complaint led to compensatory services for all applicable students as well as systemic reform of the implementation of Vision Impairment services.

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