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  • Transitioning Back to In-Person Learning
    Fri, Oct 16
    As schools begin to reopen, there are many considerations in preparing a student to transition back to school. Join attorneys from Rios Eubanks and other professionals as we discuss tips and strategies to ensuring your child is in the best position possible to transition back to a school setting.
  • Language Access During Virtual Learning
    Fri, Oct 09
    What rights and protections exist for parents whose primary language is not English? Join attorneys from Rios Eubanks and other professionals as we look at the unique struggles faced by parents who have an increasing role and responsibility in their child's education.
  • Regional Center and School District Supports
    Fri, Oct 02
    Are you maximizing Regional Center supports to make distance learning feasible? Join attorneys from Rios Eubanks and other professionals as we explore accessing services via the Regional Center to aid in distance learning.
  • FAPE and COVID-19
    Fri, Sep 25
    Special education students are entitled to receive a substantive FAPE, even during school closures. But, what does that look like and how is it accomplished? Join attorneys from Rios Eubanks as we explore what it means to receive meaningful educational benefit during a national pandemic.
  • Special Education Assessments during COVID-19
    Fri, Sep 18
    Special Education assessments have been a particularly complicated issue during the current school closures. Join Rios Eubanks attorneys and Dr. Ann Simun, PSY as we review and discuss your rights to assessments as well as practical strategies and limitations in obtaining quality assessments.
  • Procedural Rights During COVID-19
    Fri, Sep 11
    Parents across the State are reporting that their child’s special education procedural rights are not being protected during COVID-19 school closures and guidance from state educational agencies can seem like a moving target. Join Rios Eubanks attorneys as we review school district’s obligations.
  • Parenting in the Pandemic
    Fri, Aug 28
    Mental Health experts Holly Freeling, MA LMFT & ATR and Lauren Stevenson, PsyD provide a mental health perspective on how to make educational decisions during COVID-19.
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