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​In a time of darkness when the school district had failed my son, Devon & Elizabeth were the light at the end of the tunnel.

                                                        -- AF


My experience with Elizabeth was excellent. My son and I were treated with the utmost respect, courtesy, human kindness, constantly advised, updated and accompanied to every meeting, IEP and anything and everything related to our case was performed with care as if it were their own family member. 

                                                        -- CB


Having a child with a learning disability is something that unfortunately you get no kind of training or preparation for. You will quickly find that there are very few people who genuinely have your child’s best interest in mind.

After my first conversation with Elizabeth I felt immediately relief and comfort, as I could feel her genuine passion to want to help. I was not disappointed, she fought hard for my daughter’s rights and to get her what she needed. She also left me with so much knowledge that I have been able to put to use to ensure my daughter continues to be treated equally and fairly moving forward. She is amazing!

                                                        -- CM


I have worked closely with Ms. Devon Rios for over 2 years. She has worked diligently in advocating for my children's rights within the public school system, determined to ensure the educational and academic goals for our children are met with the highest standards.  I am very honored to have her as my children's attorney.

                                      -- Client in

Gardena, CA


Devon has gone above and beyond in representing our son’s educational needs. Her willingness to hear our story, let alone take our case when no one else would, was like oxygen in a suffocating state. We are humbled by her ability to think out of the box and keep our son’s best interest at heart. She is an impeccable attorney rooted in ethics and commitment to her client. Our sons individualized education plan has a new founded hope because of her

                                      -- Client in

Los Angeles, CA


Exactly a year ago I was in the verge of losing myself alongside my daughter in the fragmented and complicated special education system we have. At that time hope seemed to have disappeared as the system had failed my child and made me accountable for its mistakes. My advocacy skills had tired after years of battle and all of sudden I knew no more. It was not until Devon stepped in that we moved forward. With her legal support the IEP team became a whole and in the least expected way you allowed us to think outside the box in the best interest of my child. I will forever remember that in time of need you were my sense of calm and mentor yet in time of confusion you were my child's attorney. Thanks to your dedication, assertiveness and collaborative approach, the child that a year ago was classified as severely disabled stands in front of the camera today excelling in a program that is allowing her to thrive academically, socially and vocationally. Thanks to you I learned that it is okay to ask for help, thank you.

                                      -- Client in

Los Angeles, CA


I thank you for being with me through all of this.  You have a lot of love & passion for our families… You’re a ride or die attorney

 -- Parent of a student with an

IEP & long-time client

Gardena, CA


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